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Teacher views of joining Keystone Academy Trust

  When becoming part of the Keystone Academy Trust it was important for us at Thurlby not to lose our identity. Becoming part of the Trust has been very reassuring and we feel part of a wider community. The schools which are part of the Trust are all unique and we all share the same passion for providing children with the best education possible.

A great investment has been made in the safeguarding of our pupils and the provision of opportunities for pupils and staff development that comes with a network of support and advice readily available. Leaders, at all levels, benefit from this support and it is having a positive impact on the whole school.

Since joining Keystone Academy Trust our curriculum has been enhanced, pupils are enjoying better learning experiences, such as Forest School, and staff feel valued due to the wealth of professional development opportunities that have presented themselves.


  We joined Keystone Academy Trust shortly after its formation and have found it to be beneficial for Long Sutton Primary School in many areas. As a leader, I have found being part of a small Primary trust has been very supportive particularly at times of pressure or development.
Staff have enjoyed developing links across the trust and learning from other colleagues in other schools. It is wonderful to feel part of a family of different schools.

  Since joining the MAT in September, it is evident how much Keystone value the professional development of all its staff.  In my role as Curriculum Lead, designing and implementing a curriculum, particularly in the strange climate of the past few months of lockdown, has been extensively supported by the Trust. Subject leaders from the Trust’s four schools are invited to regular virtual meetings led by teaching and learning consultant Pat Eccles.  They provide teachers with a valuable opportunity to discuss the latest developments in their subject area, methodology and effective provision of their subject within our individual settings.  I know that subject leaders and myself have really benefitted from Pat’s expert guidance, support and feedback, as well as the chance to share knowledge, good practise and resources between schools.