Trustees and Members’ Area

Vision & Values

The Keystone Vision

Forging Stronger Futures For All

Our vision is to instil the expectation of high performance and academic achievement through offering a rich and exciting curriculum, affording the opportunity for children to shine and ignite their passion for learning.

Within Keystone Academy Trust we will celebrate each school’s uniqueness whilst working collaboratively.

Through a promise to all, we will provide opportunities for personal growth, helping everybody to feel safe, special and respected.

Through supportive teachers, great learning spaces and sensible leaders, we will enable everyone to become the best version of themselves.

We will embrace collaboration, seek challenge and develop innovative practice to secure excellent outcomes and strong career pathways so that children and staff are resilient and equipped to face the challenges that the future will bring.


The Keystone Values

Individuality, Collaboration, Innovation

We believe in individuality and unique solutions. As an organisation we are not prescriptive but wholeheartedly believe in sharing best practice. Support and challenge is built into the way we work so that every school strives to serve its community in the best way possible. We expect the best from our staff and leaders and support them to succeed.

Inspiring our children to achieve highly so that they can look back with pride on their school life and forward with confidence to become the adults of our future.


Keystone Academy Trust Leadership Values and Behaviours


Leaders are owners.  They think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.  They act on behalf of the entire Academy Trust beyond just their own team.  They never say ‘That’s not my job’.

Invent and Simplify

Leader’s expect and require innovation and invention from their teams and always find ways to simplify.  They are externally aware, look for new ideas from everywhere, and are not limited by ‘not invented here’. 

Dive Deep

Leaders operate at all levels, stay connected to the details and audit frequently.  No task is beneath them.

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit

Leaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting.  Leaders have conviction and are tenacious.  They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion.  Once a decision is determined, they commit wholly.

Deliver Results

Leaders focus on the key inputs for the trust and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion.  Despite setbacks, they rise to the occasion and never settle.

Hire and Develop the Best

Leaders raise the performance bar with everything they do.  They recognise exceptional talent, and willingly move them throughout the organisation.  Leaders develop leaders and take seriously their role in coaching others.